GetResponse vs Aweber Free Plan Complete Comparison & Guide

By Sibusisiwe Musevenzi

January 29, 2022

I help you navigate email autoresponders with ease.

This article is a complete GetResponse vs AWeber free plans comparison and guide for beginners to email marketing autoresponders.

If you are starting out and need to decide on which autoresponder is the best between GetResponse and AWeber.

What Free plan you should go for...?

By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need.

 In order to move forward in your search for an email marketing autoresponder best for your business.

GetResponse vs AWeber Free Plan Comparisons

Below is a table showing the differences and similiraties of GetResponse vs AWeber...


GetResponse Free Plan Forever

AWeber Free Plan Forever

Landing pages



Email Marketing



Signup Forms












Web Push Notifications



Team/User Management

Yes- 1





24/7 Live Support



Subscriber Limit



Email Sends Per Month


Yes- 3 000.

List Profiles



Website Builder



Marketing Automation






So, based on the number of Nos compared to Yeses, AWeber's Free Plan is a clear winner.

 AWeber provides you with a lot of features all for free.

Below are all the differences between Free and Pro plans in Aweber...

Although AWeber lets you access all the features when using the free plan, the only difference is that you are not able to access advanced features and will be required to carry their branding in your emails and on landing pages.

Having said that you can easily get started and they made it possible that the video guides are built-in right inside the platform.

This is what it looks like inside the platform...

This makes it so easy for you to get your head around what you need to do when help is at hand.

I will let you have a peek inside the platform and see below the condensed features layout in GetResponse...

All of the above features and functions of GetResponse are available in full to paid customers but it is always adding new features.

This is exciting if you intend to run your business using this autoresponder.

You will cut down on operating expenses from other services and platforms you are paying for.

However, let us check out what makes each free plan tick and not.

 By looking into both of their pros and cons...the first up is GetResponse Free Plan.

GetResponse Free Plan Pros & Cons:

GetResponse Homepage 2022.

  • GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform.
  • You are able to do email marketing, build a website, create landing pages and build an email list.
  • They offer a Free-forever plan to new customers.
  • This allows you to build an email list of up to 500 contacts and you can send unlimited newsletters per month.
  • You can build a list of up to 500 contacts.
  • When sending newsletters there is no limit per month.
  • You can build your own website, using their website builder giving you 3 choices. Building from scratch, AI builder, and using templates.  
  • They allow you to build 1 landing page, assign a custom domain and have up to 1 000 visitors.
  • No support is available on the free plan.
  • You can not access the following features: autoresponders, automation, segmentation, webinars, transactional emails, omnichannel, paid ads, mobile apps, conversion funnels, e-commerce tools, and integrations.
  • GetResponse excels in that they allow you as a beginner to build your own website without any technical skills.
  • Start growing your business using signup forms, a landing page, and an email list of up to 500 contacts sending unlimited newsletters.
  •  Although they want you to do it alone without their live customer support. 

So how about AWeber's Free Plan, let us find out...

AWeber Free Plan Pros & Cons

AWeber Homepage 2022.

  • AWeber is a well-established email marketing platform.
  • They boldly claim to have been the first to launch an autoresponder back in 1998.
  • You can do email marketing, e-commerce, automation, and landing pages.
  • Their free plan allows you to gain access to almost all the features and send up to 3 000 emails per month and build a list of up to 500 subscribers.
  • They allow you to build an email list of up to 500 contacts.
  • You can send emails up to 3 000 per month.
  • Aweber allows you to build unlimited landing pages and sell your products or services with their e-commerce feature. Using prebuilt templates. You can assign your own custom domain or buy one and use google analytics and Facebook pixel tracking.
  • There is a choice of using video landing pages if that serves you better.
  • 24/7 Live Support by Chat, email is available and by phone 8 am-8 pm Monday-Friday ET.
  • Aweber allows you: web push notifications, integrations, free migration, team/account management with unlimited users, AWeber e-commerce, simple reporting, segmentation, and list building.
  • AWeber will charge you 1.0% in transaction fees for using AWeber e-commerce.
  • Reporting on a free plan is very limited.
  • Landing pages and emails to carry AWeber branding. 
  • Although you can segment your subscribers you can not save and send to custom segments.
  • AWeber does very well by allowing beginners to access most of the features at no cost at all.
  • Features like Web Push Notifications, AWeber e-commerce, email marketing, signup forms, segmentation, landing pages, and video landing pages.
  • As a beginner to email marketing, you need help to get started and AWeber has made it easy by allowing you to access 24/7 live customer support using email, chat, and by phone.

GetResponse vs AWeber Free Plan Alternatives

There are alternatives that you can use to do your email marketing and I will focus on the following factors to help you decide:

  • Number of Subscribers
  • Features
  • Customer Support

Let us get into it...

The number of subscribers:

  • Brevo formerly Sendinblue is one of the best alternatives for a free plan allowing you to have unlimited contacts.


  • Email Octopus offers most features on a free plan.
  • Reporting: real-time campaign reports, open and click tracking, and Google Analytics Integration.
  • Automation allows you to do time-based automated campaigns, unlimited email sequences, and multi-step automation.

Customer Support

  • Active Campaign seems to be a cut above the rest by offering different kinds of support and training while on the free plan.
  • For example managed email delivery, accelerated onboarding, and comprehensive strategic enablement. While they are available on live chat and email.

The next aspect to guide you in your choice will be deliverability. 

So let us get into it...

GetResponse Deliverability

This is what GetResponse has to say:



At GetResponse we are frequently asked about the quality of our deliverability rate.

Because deliverability depends on many factors, including the content of your messages, the deliverability rate could vary for each mailing. 

For all our customers collectively, however, we are proud to say our overall deliverability rate currently stands at 99%.

Let us have a look at where AWeber stands...

AWeber Deliverability

I decided to have a chat with AWeber about their current deliverability rate and below is what they said...

Aweber Deliverability Rates

Chat About AWeber Deliverability.

There is not much of a difference between GetResponse's and AWeber's deliverability rates.

So let us get into how their customer support is for free plan customers...

GetResponse Customer Support

When you are using the free plan you do not get support at the moment from GetResponse. 

So as a beginner this might be a bit of a drawback because if you get stuck. Noone is available except for you to go through their guides.

Below is a guide on how to get started in GetResponse as shown by those red arrows:

Since a free forever plan seems to benefit you as a business and not GetResponse unless you decide to upgrade.

They have taken the support away from you.

Leaving those interactive guides which I must admit are very helpful.

GetResponse has made their platform to be user-friendly so this should be sufficient to get you started.

We all need the safety net of support when things do not go according to plan.

While on the other hand AWeber...

AWeber Customer Support

A free plan customer in AWeber's eyes is treated the same as a paying customer.

AWeber Customer Support.


  • So far I have covered GetResponse vs AWeber Free Plan's features, Pros, and Cons, alternatives, Deliverability, and customer support.
  • AWeber's Free plan is a better value on the whole than GetResponse's Free Plan.
  • Having your own website is more of a driving force for me to signup with GetResponse.
I sincerely hope this comparison and guide will help you pick your own autoresponder and get started growing your business.

Thank you for taking your precious to read this article.

I hope you have been able to make your decision about your best email marketing autoresponder.

Please do let me know in the comments section, about anything concerning this GetResponse vs AWeber free plans complete comparison and guide.

Or any other comments you might have!

Sibusisiwe Musevenzi

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