Best Email Marketing Tip For Affiliate Marketing Beginners-{You Should Know About}

By Sibusisiwe Musevenzi

May 23, 2022

I help you navigate email autoresponders with ease.

Discover the best email marketing tip for affiliate marketing beginners, you should know about from the get-go.

  • Email marketing compliments affiliate marketing as a business and getting it right is very important.

So to avoid getting banned, blacklisted, and account suspensions by autoresponders.

  • You need to know which email platform supports affiliate marketing end off.

This alone will make your life less complicated.

  • I have gone on and searched for the best email marketing providers that fully support affiliate marketing for you.

So I will get into the list shortly...

Top Tip for Affiliate Marketers

  • Use an email marketing autoresponder that supports affiliate marketing.
  • Also known as affiliate marketing friendly email marketing services.
  • Check the terms of use or service of your chosen email marketing provider all the time.
  • If there are conditions to using the service, you might as well find the one with no conditions attached.

What is affiliate marketing...?

Affiliate marketing is a business where you drive traffic to another business and get paid for the leads.

This type of business model is what most email marketing software doesn't like.


  • Because they view it as you not caring about the traffic or leads you are sending to the business you are promoting.
  • Also that you may be misleading in your emails by trying to make a commission.

I know that is not you.

So to do affiliate marketing properly where you can build loyalty with your leads.

  • You need to build an email list and this is done using an autoresponder.

The list of affiliate marketing-friendly email services.


email marketing
  • This service will let you access six tools all for free.
  • They are Sales Funnel, Email Marketing, Website Builder, Automation, Online Courses, and Affiliate Program Management.
  • Build an email list of up to 2 000 subscribers.
  • The free plan is the most generous on the market so far.
  • No credit card is required to set up your free plan.
  • They are affiliate marketing friendly.
  • Built out of frustration of having to use different tools to get the job done.

2. GetResponse

  • They will let you build an email list of up to 500 subscribers.
  • It is very affordable when you upgrade.
  • It has the best conversion funnel for leads and sales on the market.
  • You can host webinars inside the platform.
  • You can build a website using the AI-powered builder.
  • You have access to many tools making it an all-in-one marketing platform.
  • Build 1 landing page on the free plan.
  • Send unlimited newsletters across all plans.
  • Premium plans start at $19 per month and you can build an email list of up to 1 000 subscribers.
  • GetResponse is affiliate marketing friendly.

You can read more about GetResponse in this in-depth review here!

3. AWeber

  • This email marketing tool lets you access all the features on a free plan.
  • You can send newsletters, automation, landing pages, e-commerce feature, and signup forms.
  • You can build an email list of up to 500 subscribers on the free plan.
  • They will give you all the customer support you need 24/7 by chat and email.
  • Telephone support is also available at +1 877-293-2371  Mon-Fri 8 am- 8 pm ET. 
  • To upgrade it costs $19.99.
  • The free plan gives you up to 3 000 email sends per month.

You can read more about AWeber in this in-depth review here!

These three are my top recommendations and they are all affiliate marketing friendly.

What to look out for to stay compliant:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Prohibited Use
  • Terms of Service

These pages are normally where you would find restrictions and pointers to what businesses can and cannot use the service.

The email autoresponders you should avoid:


  • Mailchimp offers a free plan and that would've been a good thing for beginners. 
  • But they have it in writing that they do not allow affiliate marketing.
  • Doing so will get your account shut down and potentially lose your list.
  • Mailchimp offers a free plan that allows you to build an email list of up to 2 000 subscribers.
  • To access automation you need to upgrade.
  • Support is limited to the first 30 days when you signup for a free plan.
  • The platform is available in six languages and they are French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and German.
  • No credit is required to signup.
  • There are three pricing structures for email marketing, ecommerce and websites, and transactional emails.


Email Marketing Autoresponder Software.

Affiliate marketers are generating business for someone else, so there's no real obligation to maintain relationships with contacts they may have in Mailchimp.


  • Mailerlite allows to signup for a free account and test drive the premium features on a 14-day trial period.
  • You can send 12 000 emails per month.
  • Build an email list of up to 1 000 subscribers.
  • Automation.
  • Create websites, popups, and landing pages.
  • Support is available 24/7 by email and chat.
  • Mailerlite doesn't allow affiliate marketing.

Mailerlite Terms of Use...

Terms of Use-Mailerlite

Best email marketing affiliate marketing tip for beginners!

The best email marketing tip every beginner affiliate marketer should know.

Is to choose an autoresponder software that allows affiliate marketing...

If you fail to... then you know what is coming!

Your business can quickly disappear if you use Mailchimp, although a popular email marketing service but has it in writing that, affiliate marketing is not a business they want.

Mailerlite is another one although their free plan is so inviting but affiliate marketing is not allowed.

But you can use...

The best all-in-one marketing platforms that support email marketing and affiliate marketing.

The recommended to use in affiliate marketing for example are GetResponse and


  • Affiliate marketing is a business model of matchmaking.
  • Connecting a customer with the service or product offered by a business.
  • So an affiliate marketer is a middleman or middle lady.
  • Who facilitates the exchange and gets rewarded in the process.

In this example, an affiliate marketer will need, to use the autoresponder service that supports this business model.

So as far as my only tip for email marketing in affiliate marketing.

Is concerned, the best and affordable email marketing providers.

That is also affiliate marketing friendly.

Are the best you use should so you can build an email list, build loyalty with your list.

Instead of just passing leads or prospects to the vendors or businesses.

When affiliate marketing is done properly, that is by choosing an email marketing platform that understands the business model.

You will prevent bans, suspensions, and losing your list.

The email autoresponder needs to offer you:

  • Good trial period
  • Price
  • Automation
  • Deliverability
  • Ease of use.

These five factors are my top favourites for choosing the best email autoresponder for any business.

  1. A good trial period is ideal especially when you are a beginner or want to switch providers. A free plan will is ideal together with a limited trial period for the premium features.
  2. As far as price is involved it ought to be reasonable and affordable.
  3. Automation enables you to run your business on autopilot.
  4. Deliverability is a huge factor to be taken into account. This ensures emails are being sent to your email list. The deliverability rate needs to be high.
  5. Ease of use is a must because a software tool needs to be user-friendly and intuitive.

These three (, GetResponse, and AWeber) email marketing services meet these standards and more.

This has been an article about Best Email Marketing Tip For Affiliate Marketing Beginners-{You Should Know About}

Choosing an email marketing service provider that supports and is friendly to affiliate marketing is the secret to avoiding bans.

With that said, thank you for the time you took to read this article.❤

Please let me know what your number 1 tip is about affiliate marketing and email marketing?

As always please share with your nearest and dearest, if you feel they also need to know this number 1 tip.

Sibusisiwe Musevenzi

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